The Benefits of Utilizing VoIP and the Importance of a Truly “Mobile” Phone

  • October 26, 2021

Communication is imperative to success in any business setting, as connectivity becomes more important, there are many different positive aspects of switching over to a VoIP system. To be able to better explain, let’s explore what a VoIP system is. A VoIP system is a communication system that uses the internet to place calls as opposed to traditional copper wires, giving you the ability to take and make calls voice and video calls from anywhere. There are multiple different phone options as opposed to the traditional way, which was to have a specific phone number be linked to an individual phone. When it comes to VoIP there are such things as “hard phones” for conference calls, direct calls, voicemail, primarily communications utilizing handsets and headsets. “Soft phones” are virtual phone lines that typically operate through a mobile phone application, tablet, or desktop. Below you can see the call flow for both options:

In the above graphic, there are multiple steps in keeping everything connected, in this blog we’ll talk about some of the benefits when it comes to mobility as well as some of the overall benefits of a VoIP phone system.

The reason why VoIP is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a number of mobile capabilities is that it’s completely cloud-hosted and can be accessed from anywhere there is internet or cellular service. There are no wires needed connecting the business themselves., it’s because of this, the VoIP can be accessed across multiple devices simultaneously, this includes your desktop, mobile phone, tablet and laptop. As we’ve seen the number of people working remote grow exponentially over the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been trends showing that those who are using some type of VoIP service are using it from an application. identifies that 74% of employees use a mobile app for VoIP business calls.

The ability to connect via a mobile app makes VoIP enticing because it has an unlimited range, especially with 5G becoming more prevalent daily. With VoIP you’re not just limited to voice calls, you have video chatting capabilities as well, so instead of being stuck behind a desktop with a webcam or even your laptop, you can take and make video calls using your mobile phone as well.

Depending on the way you set up your VoIP, there are endless combinations when it comes to customization to fit the needs of any size business and since everything is hosted in the cloud and not held locally you can access your information from anywhere.

In addition to the versatility of VoIP the bigger asset has become be accessibility, as you can see from the information below provided by, here are five facts regarding the future of VoIP in the business space:

  1. The hosted IP PBX segment is expected to experience the fastest growth of over 15% through 2025.
  2. The mobile VoIP market is expected to witness the fastest growth rate of over 13% between 2019 and 2025, reaching $145 billion by 2024.
  3. The growth rate of computer-to-phone services from 2019 to 2025 is expected to be 17%.
  4. 90% of IT leaders will cease purchasing on premise communication tools by the end of 2021.
  5. There will be a 90% reduction in start-up costs for small businesses that use VoIP.
  6. The top VoIP features that improve productivity for small businesses are Find Me/Follow Me (77%), conference calling (65%), and mobile IP PBX (58%).

These stats show us that not only are we heading into a more VoIP driven office environment and that in addition to its accessibility, we know that it’s cloud-based foundation offers the ability to scale quickly therefore becoming more prevalent overall. With the feature rich capabilities and value continues to grow there’s it’s obvious why the growing popularity. Businesses can sometimes be leery about the concept of taking calls to the cloud, studies show that the top concern for VoIP is security, followed by reliability and price.

At Protected Harbor, our system is hosted on our private cloud which gives us the ability to dedicate the system completely to you. Unlike other VOIP vendors we design, customize, and tailor the system to your needs. Security is our top priority when it comes to VoIP communication, as well as proper network build out and configuration to make sure that your files and data are secure regardless of the location. We offer ultra-competitive pricing with our PBX hosted VoIP as well as unparalleled up time. You can try our Protected Phones service free for 30 days with set-up and installation included.

In closing, it’s obvious that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the capabilities of the VoIP communications offerings. If you’re a growing business you’re able to utilize the scalability of such a product and if you’re a bigger corporation you can bask in the cost-effectiveness and up-time, with VoIP, it’s the clear front runner for all audio and video communications.

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