What is Unified Communications?

  • June 15, 2021

Communication today is more than a phone number.  Unified Communication includes all types of methods used today to communicate; Whiteboard, Chat, Phone and of course video.  We bring together all modern forms of communication under one application and system and under a flat rate price, making communications easier, simpler while saving money.  Some expenses that can are no longer needed;

  • Zoom, Skype Business, or any video meeting system will be eliminated.  Fully support for meetings, sharing documents, exchanging ideas and collaboration.
  • Call forwarding charges, we include a free mobile application, when away from your office there is no need for forwarding calls, simply install the mobile app and answer calls as though you are in your office.
  • Phones!  Yes, it is possible to use our system directly via a laptop, desktop and mobile device, eliminating the need for a desk phone.  We fully support desk phones, but you are in control and phones are no required.
  • Chat, charges for chatting systems like TEAMS, SLACK, Google Chat to be eliminated.  No need to pay another vendor for CHAT, it is included in our system.  If your organization already is using a chatting system, no problem, our chat, in fact virtually any feature will be disabled and customized, but if you haven’t started to use a chat program or you want to save money our chatting system is included for free.