Why is it Important that your VoIP is Unique to you?

  • November 4, 2021

Communication is the backbone of any business so when it comes to choosing a VoIP system, that’s something to keep in mind. Several factors go into what VoIP is right for a particular business and as opposed to just picking one based on a price or with improper research could be detrimental to your business. A VoIP can be one of the most useful assets a business can have because it has two different sides overall. The first one is that it’s the foundation of communication for your team internally, helping aide productivity; and the second is that it’s your lifeline to clients and outside support. With how customized VoIPs can become today they’re making their way to the forefront of customer service and automation. Below are three of the core aspects of VoIP that are the most important when considering going with a customized VoIP to fit your business’s specific needs.


Internal communication is a fundamental part of any business’s success and has become vastly more efficient. With the increased use of video conferencing, we’re able to schedule, record, and review meetings with ease, this is becoming prevalent in an era where collaboration is becoming more off-site and remote. With the need for team connectivity at an all-time high, it’s important that your VoIP provider can fulfill the increased need for communication. At Protected Phones we put internal team collaboration at the forefront, allowing up to 100 participants on a call, this service is provided at every level of our VoIP products.

When talking with a VoIP provider it’s important to be clear about your company’s workflow style to make sure you can dial in a price point and level of features that are right for you.  The basic pricing model is done per user, these can range anywhere from $25/user up to $45/user and sometimes more. The range is broad because of the different capabilities and benefits that can be utilized, however, most providers will give you a reduced monthly cost per user if you decide to sign a longer-term deal, typically, anywhere between 24-36 months. It’s important to note that price isn’t mutually exclusive to quality, we have to keep in mind that the quality and strength of a VoIP is tied directly to your broadband connection, which typically isn’t provided by the same company providing you with your VoIP service.

Most businesses fall under the basic offerings of the majority of VoIP’s but with a higher tier of service, you’re also opened up to benefits that include upgraded hardware, better quality audio, and video, extended warranties, and even the ability to collaborate in real-time through the use of digital whiteboards, image editing, diagram creation, and more. Some providers will even offer you greater levels of customer service based on your monthly price point. Always keep in mind when you’re shopping for providers the aspects that are most important to you and your team, this will stop you from overspending but also help you make sure you’re getting everything you need.


Regardless of industry, security should be at the forefront of any conversation when finding a VoIP provider. Undoubtedly, different businesses have different needs; a law firm or medical practice will have different needs from a boutique marketing firm but the common denominator is that they all have to be secure, some more than others but all nonetheless. When it comes to security multiple factors can be built into a VoIP system to help make it secure. It’s more about the internal IT infrastructure of a company than about the VoIP application itself, especially when it comes to non-internal use. A few ways to secure your VoIP through your provider are to make sure there are several points of encryption to make it more difficult for hackers, also be sure to enable 2FA (two-factor authentication), thoroughly test your network, and even enable a NAT (Network Address Translation) for an added level of security. Make sure whoever your VoIP provider is can handle these basic levels of security. At Protected Phones, we make sure we go the extra mile, regardless of industry, to make sure you have customized security for your needs. With everything hosted in-house, our team can constantly monitor any on-goings and make sure to solve any problem that may arise.


One-third of all “small businesses ” use VoIP, with the vast majority having less than 50 employees. With small businesses being naturally nimbler it’s no wonder they’re readily adopting the technology. VoIP isn’t just reserved for the little guys, some of the biggest companies on the planet utilize the technology as well. The main reason any genre of the company can get the most out of the technology is that it is vastly more customizable than a traditional phone system, which in turn adds to scalability. Features that come standard with Protected Phones are the following:

  • Menu design – create menues to promt callers on where to go, also have the ability to create submenus for an added level of depth.
  • Ring groups – this feature lets certain phones ring when a particular number is dialed.
  • Hunt groups – to let a caller have a trickle down effect based on employee availability.
  • Completely customizable caller IDs
  • Chat system
  • Call recording and reporting
  • CRM intergration – when a customer calls a screen automatically pops up with all their information from your CRM
  • Remote facsimile capabilities – send/receive faxes directly to your email as well as send faxes to traditional machines.

VoIP can handle company growth as long as you have a trusted provider who understands the technical aspect of it and can contribute more than just the average reseller. Getting your VoIP phone system set up and launched is one task but putting together a plan as your company begins to grow, adding more users, increasing the number of integrations, and beginning to incorporate automation are just some of the tasks that come with growing a company. The aforementioned tasks can be daunting and should be met with the expertise of a provider that has done it before. At Protected Phones we’ve been involved in the tactical growth of multiple businesses’ VoIP systems and are happy to do the same for yours, please contact us here to inquire.

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